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UX SEARCH - ABOUT - 29.07.2021

Discover the entire UX Globals world!

The main idea for the UX Search is that you can find anything you need to whatever topic (related to UX) you are thinking of! No matter which medium you like the most. Texts, visuals, audio or anything else. You will find the perfect solution for yourself!


The main audio source is obviously the UX Globals Podcast. Within our UX Campus lessons and our UX Wiki we will also have some audio information.


Obviously our UX Campus and UX Wiki also have video contents. The main resource of our platforms for video material, however, is the UX TV station. It delivers you a 24/7 video experience where you can see multiple series all day.

Documents and Texts

Oftentimes documents and texts are still a very good resource and therefore you will find many texts on basically all our platforms. For real articles and papers on different topics we have our UX Journal and our UX Literature.


For products and digital assets that every UX Designer needs you can go to our UX Shop. You will be amazed how many options we have and how good they are functioning for you! Especially our UX Cards are an essential product for every UX Designer!