Hero Image Journal Setup

UX JOURNAL - ABOUT - 30.07.2021

Journal Setup

We want you to know what you will purchase before you do the purchase. Therefore we have agreed on creating one setup that we will use for all journals. The contents and the layouts are the only elements we will switch.

Topic Pages

In total we will always give you eight double pages on specific topics with ten different topics. The main topic will be located in the middle of the magazine with lots of other content before and many articles behind it.

Obviously we will also give you the chance to take part in the creation process. Every journal will therefore have one double page with guest articles from you!

Design Inspiration

As designers it is essential that we are inspired by other people, other designers and other designs. Due to that we decided to show you finished designs on six double pages. That way you will receive new design inspiration with every new UX Journal that you purchase. Analyse the designs for yourself and dive into the details what could be improved!

Job Profile and News

The UX industry offers you endless opportunities! To give you an overview on what certain jobs in the UX field are like we will introduce one new job to you every week. Additionally we will show you news from the UX Globals business on one double site!