Hero Image New Videos in German and English!

UX TV - ABOUT - 12.11.2021

New Videos in German and English!

Education on UX Design is a core discipline of our UX Agency! It is our duty to make UX Design available to everyone from anywhere and from any industry! Therefore we have decided to create three German vlogs from the UX Agency where you can gain detailed insights into our daily work! In addition to that we are publishing two English videos every week that are about a specific topic from the UX industry!

Additional Benefits for UX PackersĀ®!

Every UX Packer of course will have additional benefits again! Once you are registered and you login to our internal platform you can find all our videos there and you are able to download additional resources to selected videos!

Available on YouTube

Of course our videos are also available for free on YouTube! Click the links below to find our German or English Channel so you can experience everything we have published on that platform!