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UX PACKERS® - ABOUT - 27.07.2021

The UX Packers® vision

All UX Packers® welcome you to join the UX Pack at all times. For free!

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When we talk about the UX Packers® or the UX Pack we are talking about all the members of our community. To us it means a lot to connect designers with other designers, software developers and people from any other field related to the UX industry.

So join us as a UX Packer and you will have access to all our platforms!

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UX Education

The first main place for you to spend time at is the UX Campus. We will teach you new skills related to ux design in a way you have never experienced it before!

It is our goal to keep you entertained and interactive not to watch some videos we created and that’s it. We go that one step further to create an experience for you that you can enjoy.

Even though you profit from your new knowledge a lot already, we will give you even more opportunities. You can get your UX Certificate and show potential employers what you have learned and why they need to hire you!

UX Wiki

Closely related to the UX Campus is the UX Wiki where you can get lots and lots of important information on UX design and everything that relates to it!

Use this platform very easily to refresh your memory!

UX Entertain

Making your breaks in between working and learning new things more fun is the idea of UX TV and the UX Globals Podcast. You can calm down, relax and learn something besides that.

UX Recipes

Cooking and baking or at least watching the dishes is something we all love to do! We know that! But finding a really good cooking platform is more than hard.

Therefore we introduced UX Recipes. Cooking and baking is our passing and we want to pass that on to you! Create new dishes in a way you have never experienced it before!

UX Shop

Creating new, innovative and useful assets is a duty to us at UX Globals and therefore our UX Shop does not only provide you the UX Journal and really good literature. It also offers you many digital assets you can use and quite some products you can buy that will make your work as a designer easier!

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