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UX WIKI - ABOUT - 29.07.2021

The UX Wiki vision

All of us have been there. You are thinking of a term and you can roughly remember what it was but the detail you need is missing. Luckily the UX Wiki exists now!

Free Knowledge

To us it is important that we provide some free value to our UX PackersĀ® community! We want you to feel more than welcome in our UX Globals Enterprise. The moment you have a question regarding UX Design or any of its related topics, you should instantly think of the UX Wiki. We provide you a platform that gives you all the answers to all the small questions you might have.

Free 24 hours service

In case you didn't get a result one time: You can leave us a message and within 24 hours you will get a new entry on the UX Wiki with the contents that you were asking for. The moment we publish it, we will notify you, so you can be one of the first ones who read it!