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UX PACKERS® - ABOUT - 29.07.2021

UX Packers® Principles

As a community we need to have some common principles. Part of these principles are also some of the paragraphs of the UX Agency's code of conduct.

Be inspired to be inspiring one day!

Showing each other respect and appreciating each other is a key principle for us UX Packers®. In the beginning of our design careers we need to be inspired by others. We have to look at their designs, ask why they made certain decisions and must get to know their key principles to become awesome designers ourselves.

Once we are awesome designers, we will become the ones inspiring others!

UX Design is for and with people!

Creating a new solution (product, software or service) is always for a person. For every solution there will be a user. But creating astonishing solutions always needs some prototyping which involves other people - user study participants. Therefore UX Design is also with people!

Take care of others and others will take care of you!

We as the UX Pack need to take care of each other. Being supportive is something we truly need to enhance in our community! The moment you do something for someone else. Someone else will do something good for you! Be kind to each other and we will be a happy community forever!