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UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 26.07.2021

UX Points - a concept you will love!

Getting support when you need it for different services. Everything you need - at the point of time you need it! The UX Points are designed for every business. Every business needs design services for minor tasks like new business cards, flyers, website maintenance and multiple more. It is not sensible to request a new offer for all these services over and over again. Getting offers is cost expensive and working with new designers over and over again, also!

The UX Points are the solution for that! Think of it as a currency. Exchange UX Points for UX Agency services!

Step 1: Determine your need

Together we find out how many services you will probably need every year. "How many flyers do you need?" or "How often do you need adjustments on your website?" are questions we will answer during the first session to find out how many points you will get with your monthly upgrades.

Step 2: Receive your offers

Based on your need for UX Points we will send you multiple offers with different durations, amounts of UX Points per month and prices. Then it is on you which one you will accept. The longer the duration is the lower are the monthly fees for your UX Points.

Step 3: Receive your first UX Points

Once we have agreed on a deal we will create you an account for our UX Points App. This web-based application is just like any banking app. You see your monthly UX Points Upgrades and all the services you purchased with them.

Step 4: Receive your services

Every fulfilled service that has downloadable files will be stored in the UX Points app forever! This makes it easy for you to download your files over and over again whenever you need them.

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