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UX GLOBALS - TEAM - 21.07.2021

UX Globals Team: Christopher

You are searching for a hypermotivated UX Designer? Then it's time to get in touch with me! My career as a UX Designer began more than ten years ago with the first application I created: A school grade calculator!

"Take care of your clients and your clients will take care of you!"

- Christopher -

Why UX Design?

UX Design has always been my passion even at the moments where I did not yet know what UX Design was but when I already followed the main principles without having heard about them. The users or other people in general have always been in the center of my work. It was always important to me to fulfil their needs and make them happy!

The first application

With 14 I developed my very first application. It was a grade calculator for school. I didn't want to put a lot of effort into the subjects that were not of my interest but focused even more on the topics I loved, so my grades were superb in many subjects and relatively bad in others. As there was no grade calculator available I simply decided to implement one myself.

And two weeks later I was able to code and published my first application shortly later. This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and then I got lots of positive feedback and I was in close contact with multiple people who wanted to have some other features or something similar. This is where my career as a UX Designer began.

Freelancer UX Design

Soon I started working as a freelancer and designed and developed some first webpages. The first client was a local restaurant, a pizzeria, I was allowed to create a website for. I continued my work as a freelancer besides school, university and my job as a working-student until 2020. Then it was time for the next step.

Designbeam UG

The biggest step in my career as a business owner was founding my first business: My Designbeam UG!

We deliver you everything that is relevant to UX Designers with our UX Packers network and do lots of proper client work with our UX Agency!

UX Packers®

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My passion

Making UX Design the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions becomes successful or not is the duty of my business. Therefore we put lots of effort into creating solutions that users rather want to have than being without it. They must have a experience with everything they do!

This is the motivation why I founded my business Designbeam UG!