Hero Image UX Globals Team: Louie & Lenny

UX GLOBALS - TEAM - 22.07.2021

UX Globals Team: Louie & Lenny

Fun at and besides work is essential to us. Even though Louie and Lenny are in home office most of the time they are with us at least once a week! Come by and say hello to our two little entertainers!

"Trick or treat, Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat - or maybe a hug..."

- Louie & Lenny -

Best entertainers ever!

We are in the UX Agency's office every Monday and our main tasks are security (no, we won't bite you - but maybe we might bark) and entertainment. Whenever someone comes into the office we are very happy to see him/her.

Most of the time, however, we are in the back of the office with Christopher Wittmann where the two of us can sleep in our dog beds.


I'm the one with the bright hair and am the more calm one of us. But I'm also the one who is looking at everyone to check whether he/she is allowed in out office or not.


And I am Louie's little brother. My job is to do everything by big brother does. Even though I'm a bit more entertaining as my big brother I am also very relaxed and enjoy being in the office once every week.