Hero Image UX Globals Team: Sabrina

UX GLOBALS - TEAM - 23.07.2021

UX Globals Team: Sabrina

Creating beautiful graphics and applications are my favorite job. Design and aesthetic have always been my passion and now I can combine them with the focus on the user. This is why I like User Experience Design and the user-centered design approach!

"First focus on function, then on the design!"

- Sabrina -

My UXD career

I started my Bachelor's degree programme User Experience Design (UXD) in October 2015 at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI). I completed my Bachelor successfully in September 2019. After that, I decided to do the Master's degree programme of UXD, too.

Me and Marketing

Since my employment at COM-IN, I had the chance to check out the marketing department. And this is where I support the UX Agency, today.