Hero Image Third birthday of UX Agency and website TO GO is live!

UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 09.04.2023

Third birthday of UX Agency and website TO GO is live!

Every year on April 9, the UX Agency celebrates its birthday. This year it was the third birthday and that is not the highlight of the day. Our new brand "website TO GO" is live.

website TO GO - 5 Level

The range of services offered by website TO GO comprises 5 phases or levels that turn the website into a comprehensive marketing tool for our customers.

Level 1: Have the website created. In Level 1, all our customers receive their new website, which is created using our unique technology called UX Elements.

Level 2: Build topic pages. In Level 2, our website TO GO customers receive various subpages for one search term each. This is how we approach search engine optimization and bring our customers to better positions on Google & Co.

Level 3: Establish & expand social media presence. In the third level, we focus on our customers' social media accounts. These can be easily created and published using the integrated post generator.

Level 4: Maintaining customer relationships. With the integrated CRM (customer relationship management system), our customers can use the admin area of their own website to plan, for example, which social media posts should be published when or which topic pages for search engine optimization should be published when.

Level 5: Print media designs included! Our website TO GO packages include various print media free of charge. There is a print media generator in the admin area of the website, which can be used to order flyers, notepads or business cards easily and directly.