Hero Image Happy new year to YOU!

UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 01.01.2022

Happy new year to YOU!

The year 2021 has been amazing for our clients and us the UX Agency. Many projects were published like the move platform from THI, the Bedarfsanalyse from hoerportal24, FragRegional and the new website of Katrins Haarschnitt. These of course were not all client projects we were working on, but just a small collection. And be sure: there will be more projects coming this year!

But not only the successful projects were a big event for the UX Agency. Also our own office was a big mile stone that motivated us again to keep pushing for our clients' happiness and success!

UX PackersĀ®

The UX Globals platforms are evolving also very well! The new UX Globals site, the UX Agency site, the UX PackersĀ® site and the UX Wiki were published and many others are almost ready to be used by you! The UX Shop will go online very soon in 2022, the UX TV platform is almost finished, the UX Cards platform is almost ready and many, many, many more events are going to happen this year!

But what we really wanted to say to you:

Happy new year everyone!