Hero Image Internal Webdesign and Webdevelopment Project is live

UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 26.11.2021

Internal Webdesign and Webdevelopment Project is live

Idea and Concept

The idea of the UX Globals website is to show you all our available and planned platforms. To keep you updated on all developments of the UX Globals platforms we have a news section on every platform page and some more general about pages for each platform so you can get the most important aspects instantly.


The webdesign of our UX Globals website was on purpose very simplistic and flat to make it as neutral as possible. The UX Globals website must be able to fit to all UX PackersĀ® platforms and the UX Agency site.


The web development of the UX Globals site was done with the same CMS as the UX Agency site was and the UX Packers platforms. That gives is a chance to add and switch content easily between multiple pages and platforms.