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UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 01.09.2021

The journey to our new office

The opening of the UX Agency in Ingolstadt was a great event for founder Christopher Wittmann: "Finally welcoming all our clients in our new office is the biggest joy a business owner can have!"

April 2020

On April 9th in 2020 Christopher Wittmann founded his first business: the Designbeam UG (haftungsbeschränkt). This business is all about UX Design. The agency work focuses on creating solutions users rather want to have then being without it and the UX Packers® platforms will make UX Design more accessible for everyone!

April 2021

The Designbeam UG celebrates its first birthday and Christopher Wittmann decided to do some additional marketing by creating videos regularly, which instantly improved the sales and made the business more successful. That made him think about the next possible steps and he will make his business grow even more. The first step he wants to make ist to start with hiring some employees, but for that he needs some more space.

UX Agency opening

On September 1st in 2021 Christopher Wittmann moved into the new UX Agency Office in the Münzbergstraße 8 in Ingolstadt. The space has 55 sqm and currently three desks are installed.

The UX Meetup area is in the very front of the office, where client meetings can be held. If visitors come by for a quick chat the UX Lounge is the place to go to and if serious sensitive information needs to be exchanged, the UX Living Room is the perfect place, as it offers way more privacy than any other space in the office.

UX Meetup

UX Lounge

UX Living Room

UX Agency Desks