Hero Image Our UX Packers® are online!

UX PACKERS® - ABOUT - 29.11.2021

Our UX Packers® are online!

You all know them by now: The UX Packers®! These people are a growing community of UX Designers, UI Designers, software developers, UX researchers and many more who want to make a difference and will make UX Design the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions becomes successful or not!

The UX Packers® membership is free!

Becoming a UX Packer is completely free. You sign up and instantly get access to our solutions like the UX Globals Podcast or the UX Wiki which will be launched in the next few days!

Clean web design and web development

The clean webdesign for the UX Packers® website is essential for you to get to know the most relevant information on the platforms that we are creating. The web development is setup in a way that you can access lots of information on multiple websites at the same time! You can user your UX Packers® account for logging into the UX Packers® account management, the UX Wiki, the UX Globals Podcast site and soon also into other platforms like the UX Campus, the UX Search and the UX TV sites.