Hero Image The end of my nine weeks at the UX Agency

UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 26.07.2022

The end of my nine weeks at the UX Agency

The second block of my internship is also over no since the FOS Praktikum is sadly limited to nine weeks in total. These nine weeks are divided into a four week block and a five week block.

My work in the second internship block

In the second internship block I was mainly working on the wireframes for the digital escape rooms. I created a mobile, table and desktop version each. After creating the wireframes I combined them with the results from the online survey and created the visual webdesign.

My work at the UX Agency

Zu der Arbeit in der UX Agency kann man definitiv nichts negatives sagen, denn die Atmosphäre im Büro ist einfach nur super! Das Verhältnis untereinander ist freundschaftlich und auch der Arbeitsplatz ist bestens Ausgestattet.

There is absolutely nothing to complain about when working at the UX Agency. The atmosphere in the office is simply amazing! The relationship with each other is friendly and the workplace is well equipped.

The workplace

Every employee has its own workplace with a MacBook and a Ultra Wide Screen which has a diagonale of more than one meter. From today's perspective the big monitor is a necessity to me for a productive workplace since it makes the work with in combination with a MacBook massively easier. Additionally to that the acoustic screens around each desk add more privacy to each workplace.

UX Lounge and UX Meetup

For small chats or meetings the UX Lounge and UX Meetup are the best places. The UX Lounge is an ideal place to drink a coffee together while sitting in comfortable chairs. The UX Meetup is awesome for talking about current projects due to the big screen that is available in this location. The UX Meetup is also nice for having lunch together as a team.

Louie and Lenny

Louie and Lenny are the two office dogs that are in the UX Agency every Monday. The two of them are a great change from work when we go for a quick walk or play together with them during small breaks.


To sum it all up I can say that my internship in the UX Agency was very inspiring and educational. I learned how to work with multiple programs like Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, Sketch, Capture One Pro and many more. The modern working approaches and well equipped desks and office in total and the working climate was amazing.