Hero Image UX Campus as a Master Thesis!

UX CAMPUS - ABOUT - 21.07.2021

UX Campus as a Master Thesis!

Combining multiple things at a time is something we very much try at UX Globals. As Chris currently does his Master Degree and needed a topic for his Master Thesis he simply decided to do the thesis on the UX Campus. Recreating the concept, evaluating the visual design and finally implementing the solution is is plan for the master thesis.

Goals for the master thesis

The main goal is to create a running version of the UX Campus that can be used as a foundation for everything that follows. In the end there won't be the entire finished UX Campus but the main skeleton will be implemented! Elements that can and will be missing are the profile section or multiple lessons (content-wise). During the thesis there will be one or maybe two sample lessons but definitely not more than five as it is about creating and implementing the main interaction concept.

Users' expectations

The thesis should also become an essential element for the user research about the UX Campus. In the very beginning Christopher Wittmann wants to get many insights into the users' expectations and their wished for an online campus on UX Design.