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UX AGENCY - ABOUT - 12.11.2021

World Usability Day at THI

On Thursday the 11.11.2021 the day has come! The UX Agency was at the World Usability Day. Christopher Wittmann gave his speech on the topic "Why UI/UX Design has not future!" and the UX Agent had its own first business stand!

Why UI/UX has no future!

In a 20 minutes talk Christopher Wittmann spoke about the topic "UI/UX". Often many Designers write in their profiles on e.g. social media about "UI/UX". Also companies write in job offers about "UI/UX". That is completely wrong!

"UI/UX" says that the User Interface and the User Experience are. the same. The difference, however, is significant. The User Interface is everything someone can give input to a system or receive an output from it. The User Experience on the other hand shows how someone feels while interaction with a product, software or service.

The solution to the problem is very easy. From now on all of us will only write "UI & UX" Design!

Our UX Agency Stand

At the stand of the UX Agency we had many chats with amazing people. Students seeking for an internship and potential clients showed big interest in the UX Agent. Multiple participants of the event asked different questions about the UX PackersĀ® platforms.

Watch the speech!

Due to the restrictions at the point of the event, Christopher was not allowed to give his speech live in the lecture room at the university but was only allowed to be outside the room at the stand. Therefore he recorded the entire speech before in a video. This video was perceived with amazement by the spectators and it is now available on YouTube (in German only). Interested? Then check it out here:

World Usability Day Speech